Top Logistics Award for Jerich International

Since its establishment in 1969, the Jerich Group has been transformed from a trucking company to a world leading logistic company through constant growth and adjustments to market changes.

Throughout these decades Jerich has collected logistic know-how and has perfected it to a high level of standards. Our exceptional operative performances are therefore based on the vast experience and knowledge of our experts and will be continually optimized through constant innovative developments in order to serve our customers’ needs best.

The use of our own trucks and of well chosen trucking partners allows Jerich to react quickly, while adapting to our customers’ needs. Besides conventional FTL and LTL shipments, Jerich also offers optimized “multiple stop” shipments. This optimization of payload reduces costs and increases the competitiveness of our customers. The ability to use several different trailer systems (vans, lift gate, reefer vans, flatbed, chassis, etc.) enables the Jerich Group to handle a myriad of customer requests. In order to maintain our unmatched reliability all shipments are controlled and monitored by a sophisticated track and trace system.