Jerich International reflects - as a trade name – the sum of the activities of all companies which belong to the Jerich group.

Because of the dynamic development of the global acting company in the logistics sector as well as the continuous expansion involved there was chosen “Jerich International” as corporate identity to point out the international business stream.


The company “Jerich” was established in 1969 by Herbert Jerich who – as the CEO as well as the 100% shareholder - represents the head of the group.


Based on the experience of the mill-owned transport & logistics department combined with the know how of the Jerich Group, in 1989 Jerich Italia was founded as the first external market specific warehouse (DC). This warehouse was located in Cittadella, close to Padua, and had the task to be a consignment warehouse as well as to supply the Italian market with part loads and just-in-time services. Besides there are still direct deliveries to Italy depending on the customers’ demands and the geographical spreading. Meanwhile Jerich Italia changed the location due to the expanding core-business, which constitutes of container stuffing and shipments to various Middle-East destinations. So they are now located in Marghera, close to Venice, to take advantage of the port facilities and better traffic connections according to the original demand for just-in-time-services.


It was and is still our customers intention to use combined traffics, which means to carry out the precarriage from the mill to the external warehouses by rail as soon as the goods are ready for dispatch.


In 1998 Jerich Germany was commissioned to operate the Sappi established DC Wesel. Commencing as terminal operator there has in the meantime been set up and successfully established a service & transportation platform at this location whereas the German market is being operated starting from the mills Gratkorn, Alfeld and Ehingen. Moreover even the Scandinavian and the Netherlands are served by the DC Wesel. In the meantime Jerich Germany has itself built a third warehouse to be able to meet the continuously increasing volumes.


Since 2000 the Terminal in Gleisdorf has been acting as hub for the East-European-Transports as well as for transports to Turkey and operates the transport planning of the mills Gratkorn, Maastricht, Lanaken and Nijmegen. Our step in the USA was made by the first subsidiary in New Jersey, followed by subsidiaries in Charleston and Los Angeles.


Further on all these external warehouses are in intensive touch with the sales offices to fulfil the orders according to the customers specific requirements, such as inventory management, time slot booking, customer services, transport planning as well as value added logistics services and have on-line EDP (Electronic Data Processing) connections to Sappi. It’s a matter of course that all the managing directors have a perfect command of at least four languages and they were all trained in our headquarters in Gleisdorf.

To achieve cost-saving we have a permanent critical evaluation of all processes and with the help of several logistics projects we could finally realize a lot of saves, increase the service performance and continuously expand our business relationships. It’s our primary aim to deal with the best practices in logistics.

We have the possibility of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) transfers to check at which time goods are ready for dispatch respectively have confirmed date of arrivals for the customer. This helps our customer and us to increase the payloads, to avoid unnecessary LTL and to have more flexibility according to our transport planning. This means to take over responsibility before the goods are ready for dispatch instead of being a classical forwarding agent.