The Association for Operations Management (APICS) defines just-in-time as "a philosophy of manufacturing based on planned elimination of all waste and on continuous improvement of productivity".

Just-in-Time (JIT) simply means to Jerich International having the right material in the exact amount at the right place in the right time. This sentence is enough to describe a big part of our core competences. Combined with having a trusting relationship to our customers, Jerich was able to develop an optimized JIT system which can add many benefits to a company.

Due to our Just-In-Time philosophy, we are able to add more value to your logistic service:

  • reducing or even eliminating of our company-own warehouses
  • improving of delivery system
  • lower the capital tied up in
  • increasing flexibility
  • providing of quick and precise information

Global Concepts

Global logistic concepts need to be positioned in the constantly changing business environment. The emerging of new distribution channels, individualisation, globalisation and core business initiatives are prominent among the important developments which are currently driving changes in business and logistics concepts. Additionally the information technology and technological advances in transport-activities are enabling the development of new ways to perform logistics.

Via experiences with own business-locations throughout the world, operating with many kinds of industries in a variety of countries, Jerich International is able to translate these on-going developments into logistics concepts through focusing on operational excellence. This focus on streamlining of business activities and best-in-class process execution facilitates Jerich International to handle tasks which are developing out of the following logistics configurations:

  • Production concepts
    build-to-order, build-to-stock, flexible order production, including inbound consolidation centres close to production locations
  • Inventory concepts
    regional distribution centres, rapid fulfilment depots and market stock points in particular countries
  • Production concepts
    direct deliveries and cross-docking operations to consolidate, sort and distribute shipments in central or regional hub operations

Transport planning

With our sophisticated and constantly improved computer system every transport planner at our strategic positioned terminals is part of the planning process and oversees the status of the shipments. As an international operating company we arrange, combine and integrate road, rail, air and sea transportation needs.

The optimization of our supply chain considers utilization, delivery times, customer priorities, special customer requests and cost structures. This enables us to plan rationally, identify problems, evaluate alternatives and find solutions to outperform our competitors and fulfill the requirements of our customers.

„The transport planning within the Jerich transportation network is one of our core strengths. As an international operating company we arrange, combine and integrate road, rail, air and sea transportation needs. “

Herbert Jerich – Manager