Headquartered in Austria, Jerich International is a global group of companies that offers large-scale trade and industry customers a holistic logistics approach to freight forwarding through global supply chain management.


Jerich International was chosen as our corporate identity as we are a company that performs in the worldwide sector, with continuous expansion of our operations.


Our holistic logistics approach is largely comprised of four service areas: classical forwarding services, terminal logistics, information and communication technology, and value added additional services. Instead of being just a part of the logistics chain by offering various terminals, handling and transport services, we manage the entire chain starting virtually the moment the end customer produces an order. Our services allow our customers to concentrate on production, while we synchronize supply chain activities tailored to the needs of both the manufacturer and its customers.

Quality, promptness and reliability. These factors play a very important role for the success of Jerich International.

Jerich International provides customized project-specific logistics solutions for in- & out-bound applications to ensure consistently high levels of planning and delivery reliability. Customization integrates us into our customer’s organization, and deeply embeds us into their internal structures. This focus on developing long term and tight-knit partnerships allows us to achieve new solutions together quickly and efficiently. Rather than following the pack, Jerich International makes use of tailor made concepts, extensive know how, and immeasurable experience to set industry leading practices in logistics.


Increased efficiency through specialization means for us that the object of our company and the philosophy of Jerich International can be paraphrased as industry-oriented logistics service provider whereas the Group has almost exclusively been specializing in the requirements of customers who take the observance of dispatch and delivery dates for granted. The time frame of loading and unloading is part and parcel of the TQM-system as well and it does undergo a permanent monitoring. By the use of uniform software for the scopes dispatch planning and warehousing all over the group we are able to serve our customers with a closed supply and IT chain and in addition to publish the results via web.


In connection with already created and successfully established transport and service platforms we are in the position of being able to have an infrastructure which completely does meet future trends and developments.


In the field of terminal logistics, Jerich International operates several large rail-linked logistics facilities, container terminals and depots, as well as market specific cross-docking hubs in both Europe and North America.

Our partners

As a global company we work for different industries like Paper, Automotive, Steel, Packaging, Lumber or Beverages. Here are some of our customers:


The JERICH GROUP is a family owned company and all entities are sharing one philosophy. Our goal is to develop long-term partnerships and produce customized logistic solutions for our customers that will add value and drive out costs. We see ourselves as an extension of our customer, sharing their vision while offering a wide array of supply chain platforms within our diverse logistic networks.


Our corporate and management structure can be illustrated as follows:




Jerich Austria GmbH, Gleisdorf/Styria
Austria Business Development, Logistics & IT-Projects and the generell Business Planning for the entire group.





  • Jerich Italia Srl
  • Jerich France Sarl
  • Jerich Germany GmbH 
  • Jerich United Kingdom Ltd.
  • Jerich Portugal
  • Jerich Luxembourg
  • Jerich Belgium
  • Jerich Czechia


  • Jerich USA Inc.
  • New York, NY, Sales Office
  • New Jersey, NJ / Headquarter
  • Charleston, SC
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Houston, TX
  • Savannah, GA