Headquartered in Austria, Jerich International is a global group of companies that offers large-scale trade and industry customers a holistic logistics approach to freight forwarding through global supply chain management.


Jerich International was selected as our corporate identity to reflect our global presence and ongoing expansion efforts.


Our comprehensive logistics strategy encompasses four key service domains: traditional forwarding services, terminal logistics, information and communication technology, and value-added supplementary services. Rather than simply participating in isolated aspects of the logistics process, such as terminal operations and transportation, we orchestrate the entire supply chain from the moment an order is placed by the end customer. This approach enables our clients to focus on production while we seamlessly coordinate supply chain operations to meet the specific requirements of manufacturers and their clientele.

Quality, promptness and reliability. These factors play a very important role for the success of Jerich International.

Jerich International offers tailored logistics solutions designed for specific projects, both inbound and outbound, ensuring unwavering levels of planning precision and delivery reliability. Our approach to customization seamlessly integrates us into our clients' organizations, fostering a deep alignment with their internal structures. By prioritizing the cultivation of enduring partnerships, we facilitate swift and efficient development of innovative solutions. Instead of adhering to conventional methods, Jerich International leverages bespoke concepts, extensive expertise, and immeasurable experience to establish pioneering standards within the logistics industry.



Enhanced efficiency through specialization defines our company's objective and Jerich International's philosophy as an industry-focused logistics service provider. Our Group predominantly caters to clients who prioritize adherence to dispatch and delivery schedules. Timely loading and unloading are integral components of our Total Quality Management (TQM) system, subject to continuous monitoring. Leveraging standardized software for dispatch planning and warehouse management throughout the group enables us to serve our customers a closed supply and IT chain, with published results readily accessible via the web. 



Through our existing and proven transport and service platforms, we possess an infrastructure that is fully aligned with future trends and advancements.


In the field of terminal logistics, Jerich International manages a network of substantial rail-connected logistics centers, container terminals, depots, and specialized cross-docking hubs across Europe and North America.

Our partners

As a global company we work for different industries like Paper, Automotive, Steel, Packaging, Lumber or Beverages. Here are some of our customers:


The JERICH GROUP is a family owned company and all entities are sharing one philosophy. Our goal is to develop long-term partnerships and produce customized logistic solutions for our customers that will add value and drive out costs. We see ourselves as an extension of our customer, sharing their vision while offering a wide array of supply chain platforms within our diverse logistic networks.


Our corporate and management structure can be illustrated as follows:




Jerich Austria GmbH, Gleisdorf/Styria
Austria Business Development, Logistics & IT-Projects and the generell Business Planning for the entire group.





  • Jerich Italia Srl
  • Jerich France Sarl
  • Jerich Germany GmbH 
  • Jerich United Kingdom Ltd.
  • Jerich Portugal
  • Jerich Luxembourg
  • Jerich Belgium
  • Jerich Czechia


  • Jerich USA Inc.
  • New York, NY, Sales Office
  • New Jersey, NJ / Headquarter
  • Charleston, SC
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Houston, TX
  • Savannah, GA