Climate-neutral Transport with Jerich

At Jerich International, we want to contribute to climate protection and set new standards.

That is why we are now offering CO2-neutral transport of your goods. To make this possible, we will purchase certificates that offset CO2 emissions before they are emitted during transport. One certificate acquired equates to 1 tonne of CO2 offset. Each certificate is backed 100% by a mix of United Nations and Gold Standard certified international climate protection projects.

In addition, Jerich International provides support for commercial hemp promotion projects in Austria. As Jerich International’s headquarters are in Austria, we are also committed to promoting projects in this country. One hectare of commercial hemp absorbs between 10 and 18 tonnes of CO2 per year, depending on the species, weather and soil conditions. No pesticides, herbicides or fungicides are in use. 

At Jerich International, we are eager to take on this responsibility and set a good example. Together, we can reduce CO2 emissions in the value chain of your products and make an active contribution to climate protection.