The Jerich Group as an “asset based company” operates from various strategically well located DCs.


The geographical locations of all these hubs play a very important role in streamlining the movement of commodities to the final customer. With direct connections to ocean shipment points and to locations close to the most important logistic centres in Europe and America - the Jerich Group is capable of delivering high capacities to all continents quickly and dependably. A main part of Jerich’s holistic logistics concept is to take over all warehouse operations from various major customers and product branches. These comprise operations like handling, quality control, inventory, and a constant supply of information through EDI connections to our customers.  To optimize our quality, all operations are monitored and controlled by our high standard warehouse logistics program, which was developed in-house.

The Jerich Group currently uses 170.000 m2 of warehouse space worldwide to offer enough capacities and the best service in class to our customers.




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