The core business of the Jerich Group can be described as „holistic logistics“ and consists of our opportunity to offer logistics overall packages for customers from trade and industry fields which are made up in a client- and project-specific way and are in general based on four sectors:


  • Classical Forwarder Services
  • Terminallogistics (RDC)
  • Information and IT Services
  • Value added Services


With the transition from the carrier to a logistics system operator not only the critical factors for success are changing but also the standards of competition. The consistent orientation in these new standards and the endeavours of the Jerich Group to align the internally achieved standard of our performance consistently with the top performances in the market leads to the permanent dealing with the best practices in logistics as well as to the project-related “flow-in” of the newly acquired knowledge in the reorganization of the business processes. The entirety of all operating activities of the Jerich Group is therefore aligned with the efficient realisation of a continuous flow of goods for our customers.

holistic logistics

Forwarder service

Dispatch Planning
Different means of transport
Dispatch Planning
Carrier network
Deliver-reliability > 98%
Constant Deliverreadiness
Optimizeation of payloads


Traffic junction
Perfect Equipment
Flexible business hours
Sufficient Capacity
min. goods movements
Well trained staff


Uniform IT-systems
Track & Trace
Announcements &
Closed IT-Chain


Order & Process monitoring
Customized Services
Business Developement
Relief the plant by taking over
industrial-near services

head start by competence, performance and service

Holistic logistics is our core business. We don’t receive direct shipment orders from our customers, we have to work them out. De facto this means that based on the data transmission we only have information about a defined stock of orders, mostly with fixed dispatch dates. In accordance with the receiver and/or Sales office we make plans for the shipments on behalf of our customers. It’s also our job to optimize payloads on condition that the confirmed and agreed arrival dates and times can be met. We bring ideas and conceptions into the business and do not exclusively offer freight rates between two destinations. Our conception to establish a transport planning and a service platform which guarantees an overall-coverage of all demands does for sure constitute an essential point which distinguishes us from our competitors.

Increase of efficiency via specalization

The high quality and efficiency in the process of “guiding through” of customer orders leads to the goals of permanent improvements of the quality and disposition of deliveries. Effects of the increase of the productivity particularly result from the expansion of the logistics services for our customers since our capacities up to a level of 75% refer to transport planning, transport, storage, handling of paper and in addition to these facts the long time experience of the staff with the product is highly advantageous.

The central office in Gleisdorf as well as our subsidiaries in Europe and the USA do without any doubt have the ability to master the high complexity of our services, the flexibility which is absolutely necessary to compose the system services and the rapidness of the fulfilment of the tasks which have been assigned to our company.

The object of our company and the philosophy of the Jerich Group can therefore be paraphrased as industry-orientated logistics service whereas the Group in the last 24 years has almost exclusively been specializing in the paper industry. In addition to our business in the paper industry we are – in Gleisdorf and Perpignan - working in the automotive sector as well. Just for the paper industry – and in this field for 20 different companies – we do the transport planning and move around 1.8 million tons of paper and pulp by intermodal transport per year.

The conception to operate external market-specific RDCs and therefore serve the markets with intermodal transport does originally come at a time at which it has not already been foreseeable that the transportation system would be going to constitute a strategically short resource. At that time the achieved advantages have especially been generated on the side of the recipients whereas nowadays because of some changed general conditions the mills do mostly benefit from this conception. In connection with already created and successfully established transport and service platforms we have an infrastructure which completely does meet future trends and developments. Thus we rank among the leading forwarding agents for the paper industry.

Holistic logistics
is our core business.

increase of
efficiency via

  • Changed Customer demands (due to consolidations) require uniform services for all countries resp. markets
  • Displacement of wholesale dealer warehouses to our DC’s require more and more stock capacity as well as more flexibility to handle and organize loads at short notice.
  • Optimization of production (low-cost manufactoring plant) leads by nature to more distance from the customer and to the necessity to bundle up good-streams with the help of DC’s and Transport- & Service platforms
  • Close to customer
  • Customized Services
  • Increase in Delivery Reliability
  • Constant availability of means of transport
  • Taking over of “close-to-industry”- services
  • Constant shipping rates

Our Strength
and Targets

  • Increase in performance by specialization in contrast to the generalized output of goods and services as from big competitors
  • Absolutely customer-orientated and strong adaptability with respect to the existing and future customer requirementsa
  • Prompt transfer of new ideas, conceptions and systems. Very short decision finding process due to flat, decentralized internal organization structure
  • Employees with many years of experience who identify themselves completely with the philosophy of the Jerich Group as well as with our customer demands and targets
  • To deal with the best practices in logistics
  • To be a long-term strategic partner of our customers and part of their organization
  • Our performance must support our customer’s value added chain.


To subject standardized procedures and processes to an external monitoring and, therefore, as well as to document the quality of our performance we have built up and established a TQM-system which is in compliance with the ISO-standards. Jerich International has been ISO-certificated in 1996 and for this reason has assumed the duty to guarantee its quality standards especially outwards.

The Jerich Group was able to reach new standards in customer performance and processes. These efforts have been evaluated in June 06 by TÜV Austria. We were one of the first companies who successfully implemented the new ISO 9001:2000, EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.Employees with many years of experience who identify themselves completely with the philosophy of the Jerich Group as well as with our customer demands and targets To deal with the best practices in logistics
To be a long-term strategic partner of our customers and part of their organization Our performance must support our customer’s value added chain.


Because of the high specialization in the paper- and automotive sector Jerich International does exclusively serve customers who take the observance of dispatch and delivery dates for granted. We thus do on one hand control the observance of the dispatch date in the mill respectively in the DC and on the other hand the dates of arrival at the customer respectively even in the DC inasmuch as it is a matter of pre-carriage ex mill to the DC and the further transport is already in the planning stage. The time frame of loading and unloading is part and parcel of the TQM-system of our clients as well and it does undergo a permanent monitoring.

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