The Jerich Group is a family-run concern and even the further development of the group is going to meet this philosophy. This means for us to agree to commercial partnerships and strategic alliances inasmuch as there can be deduced synergy effects but strictly on the condition to never restrain or least of all give up our independence.
The Group does see itself as asset-company, especially because of the long-run terminal investments including the appropriate infrastructure and the equipment as well as because of the fact that we aspire to long term partnerships with our clients.


Corporate & management structure

Our corporate and management structure can be illustrated as follows:



Jerich Austria GmbH, Gleisdorf, Styria, Austria Business Development, Logistics & IT-Projects and the generell Business Planning for the entire group




Jerich Italia Srl
Jerich France Sarl
Jerich Germany GmbH
Jerich United Kingdom Ltd.
Jerich Portugal
Jerich Luxembourg
Jerich Belgium
Jerich Czechia



Jerich USA Inc.
New York, NY, Sales Office
New Jersey, NJ / Headquarter
Charleston, SC
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL
Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Houston, TX
Savannah, GA

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